Gallery – LEADR 2014

by halocoordinator  |  June 18, 2014

Take a look at our wonderful pictures taken over our 3-day Student leadership, education, and development retreat!

TV Dedication to Lorain County Valor Home

by halocoordinator  |  July 9, 2014

93 cents for Flight 93 is constantly looking for ways to honor our soldiers, veterans and heroes.

Last week we were able to get an amazing group of people together to do just that! We gathered for a dedication of an HD-TV to the Loarin County Valor Home.

The story started off as The HALO Foundation held their annual Gala, in 2013. At the 2013 Wings of Charity Gala, Mr. & Mrs. Beamer, the parents of Flight 93 hero Todd Beamer, won the enormous TV in a raffle drawing. They requested that it would go to a soldier, rather than keeping it for themselves. We thought, how great would it be if instead of going to one solider, it would go to a number of soldiers.

HALO then partnered with NEOPAT, and The Lorain County Valor Home. This was they way we would donate the TV to the new Valor Home, in which 30 soldiers will live while in transition.

Last week we gathered; HALO, Mr. & Mrs. Beamer, NEOPAT, Valor Home staff & veterans, along with Senator LaRose, student leaders, the TV benefactors, and media! What a wonderful group it was.

It was a beautiful day, starting out with an amazing lunch at Sal’s & Al’s Diner and Danny’s Pizza, in Amherst. Then following was the dedication of the TV in the name of Todd Beamer at the Valor Home. We also were able to take a tour of the facility. The Valor home will open shortly to house the veterans.

We are honored to be able to help our heroic soldiers and veterans and to give them some sort of relaxation with this amazing gift!

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Student LEADR 2014

by halocoordinator  |  May 5, 2014

Students! Are you looking for an inspirational summer retreat? We’ve got what you’re looking for!

Apply online, today for our Student LEADR Retreat!

This retreat is open to grades 8-12th.

LEADR stands for:  Leadership, Education & Development Retreat

The dates are June 11-13.

Students will engage in leadership, and teaming building skills, while bonding with other students. There will be educational speakers along with learning about The HALO Foundation’s efforts with 93 cents for Flight 93.

Please click the following link to fill out the LEADR Application :

2013 LEADR Applications

by Drew Watkins  |  May 23, 2013


Now in it’s third year, LEADR in The HALO Foundation’s premier student leadership retreat. During this 4 night, 5 day stay, students will engage in team-building, service projects, and be educated through key speakers and many planned activities, including:

  • A day exploring the University of Akron to get a glimpse of what college is like
  • An afternoon spent on a low ropes course at Camp YNoah
  • A full day trip to visit the Flight 93 memorial in Shanksville, PA
  • Several respected speakers to give a firsthand account of their leadership experiences
  • Tons of games, leadership workshops, and all around fun!

LEADR will take place at:

Layola Retreat House:
700 Killinger Road
Clinton, OH 44216

An online application is available at: The cost to attend is $100, which includes room, meals, and all transportation.

We hope to see you there!

Student Leader Visits Flight 93 Memorial

by Drew Watkins  |  May 20, 2013

As we contunue our 93 cents for Flight 93 campaign, we love to see our student leaders grow and see the work they’ve accomplished. Karlie, a student leader from warren Ohio visited the memorial this past Friday.

When will it be finished? Can’t believe the difference from when I went with Kirk. It was just a chain link fence then. – Karlie

IMG_8227 copy

LEADR (Leadership Education Retreat)

by Drew Watkins  |  April 11, 2012

93 Cents for Flight 93′s student leadership has been above and beyond.  In August 2011, The HALO Foundation hosted a four day retreat for student leaders in High School and a one day retreat for students in Middle School. LEADR (Leadership Education and Development Retreat) taught students the principles of leadership, walked them through the creation of a fundraising program, and allowed students to better prepare for college, work, and life.  Students were fortunate to have many guest speakers including, The University of Akron’s Men’s Basketball head coach, Keith Dambrot, Former Tennessee Titan’s Coach, Les Steckel, and family members of the heroes of Flight 93 including David Beamer, father of hero Todd Beamer.  Camp YNoah welcomed the student leaders one day of the retreat where they all participated in a low ropes course. This helped build teamwork and worked on all the student’ leadership skills. They also took on a day long project called, “The Project”. Students were given a task to brainstorm and plan a program to start in their schools or an event to hold with their community to help raise awareness about Flight 93 and raise funds for Flight 93 Memorial. The Second Annual LEADR retreat will be held in late July 2012. More information to come!

New Shirt design!!!

by Katie  |  February 2, 2012

Here are the front and back views of the new t-shirt design! Notice the new logo as well. If you would like a T-shirt please call us at 330-376-9110 or send us an e-mail at [email protected]

All t-shirt designs are copyrighted.

10 Year Anniversary- Flight 93 National Memorial

by Katie  |  


Student Leaders

by Katie  |  

Students pose with Vice President Joe Biden. Students chatted with Biden at at local firestation, just down the road from the crash site, in Shanksville, Pennsylvania.

93 cents for 93 (an article by Erika Ghazoul)

by Drew Watkins  |  January 27, 2011

Erika Ghazoul is a student leader for our “93 cents for Flight 93″ campaign. After having the opportunity to attend the 2010 memorial service, Erika wrote the following for her school’s newspaper. She is a part of Norwalk High School’s class of 2011.

As you look across the peaceful landscape of a field near Shanksville, Pennsylvania it’s hard to imagine anything catastrophic having ever occurred there. A lone flag in the distance is your only reminder of a tragedy that took place not so long ago.

On September 11, 2010, I was lucky enough to be able to attend a memorial service for the passengers and crew of United Flight 93 who lost their lives as a result of the 9/11/2001 terrorist attacks. Because I am a student leader in the organization “93 cents for Flight 93,” I was asked to come to interview those in attendance about their thoughts of the ceremony that day as well as the memorial soon to be built on the site. The first part of the ceremony included a reading of the names of the passengers and crew of Flight 93 as bells were rung in their memory; speeches by former first lady Laura Bush and first lady Michelle Obama; and a speech by the president of the Families of Flight 93, Gordon Felt, whose brother died in the crash.

After the ceremony had concluded, the families of Flight 93 were invited to view the crash site and future home of its memorial structure.

As we started interviewing those around us, including the Flight 93 families, I noticed a repeating pattern: let these heroes set an example for future generations. By simply saying “No” and reacting to an injustice, the passengers and crew of Flight 93 prevented the loss of possibly thousands of lives. The families want to show my age group that their loved ones made a huge sacrifice for the goodof their countrymen, but normal people can do the same thing in their everyday lives.

Heroes are made every day, and I think Todd Beamer summed it up perfectly in what he said right before he and the other passengers and crew of Flight 93 fought the terrorists on the plane: “Let’s roll.”