Building a Memorial in the Name of Heroes

Together We Can Educate Future Generations in Their Stead


We are working toward raising funds to help build the permanent memorial for the heroes of Flight 93. Our goal is for every person to donate 93 cents for our cause.

The Flight 93 national Memorial is the nation’s tribute to the 40 passengers and crew members aboard United Flight 93 who lost their lives on September 11, 2001. A $30 million capital campaign, directed by the National Park Foundation, will support the construction of the memorial as the central feature of a new national Park near Shanksville, Pennsylvania. Learn more about Our Mission

Recent News

Green Middle School Takes Fundraising to the Next Level

Over the past couple of months, Green Middle School students and faculty have been raising money for the completion of the Flight 93 Memorial in Shankesville, PA. The school began selling 40+1 Heroes t-shirts the week of September 11, 2015, as a way to honor all of... read more

School Principal Gets Taped to the Wall!

This past Friday, October 30th, Green Middle School students continued fundraising efforts for Flight 93. Students who donated $1 received a piece of Duct Tape to tape school Principal Jeff Wells to the wall! Students also continued fundraising efforts by selling 40+1... read more

The Future

A beautiful, permanent memorial to honor the heroism of those who gave their lives on Flight 93.