AKRON, Ohio (May 25, 2017) ­– The HALO Foundation’s annual Wings of Charity Gala, Creating a Living Memorial will begin at 6 p.m on Sept. 7 at Guy’s Party Center.

Board member Carolyn Joyce and husband Dru Joyce along with board member Jim Mellody and wife Diane Mellody are hosting the gala. The event features keynote speakers Gordon Felt, President of the families of Flight 93, and Stephen Clark, Superintendent of the Flight 93 Memorial.

The Wings of Charity Gala features a dinner, raffle, silent and live auctions and fund the cause.

In addition, Davey Tree is donating 50 White Pine potted trees as gala centerpieces to honor the heroes of Flight 93. Following the gala, the trees will be planted in recovering disaster areas.

“The Flight 93 National Memorial is a national park and this year, the National Park Service is celebrating its centennial. We want to join them in celebration as well as further the mission of the Flight 93 Memorial to create a ‘living’ memorial. These trees will become an extension of that living memorial,” said HALO Coordinator Hannah Adams.

Honoring the 40 heroes of United Flight 93 has been at the forefront of HALO’s mission since the Foundation’s beginning in 2004.

HALO Foundation is partnering with multiple departments at The University of Akron, MAPS Air Museum and other Akron-area businesses to design, fund and build a Flight 93 mobile museum to travel the country sharing the story of courage and heroism displayed on board Flight 93.

Tickets for the Wings of Charity Gala are $75 and are available for purchase online. https://thehalofoundation.org/2016-wings-charity-gala/.

HALO Foundation is also involved in raising relief support for Louisiana flood victims. The Foundation is coordinating supply drives among local schools and plans to send 3 semi-trucks to the poorest afflicted areas.



About the HALO Foundation

HALO Foundation believes that Hope Always Lives On. Since our start in 2004, our steadfast mission is to offer HOPE to the afflicted through the generosity of Service & Charity. We involve intergenerational support from seniors to children. We respond to individual needs, group needs and crisis with deliberate thought, prayer, organization and action. We serve our mission through HALO programs and support of like-minded organizations. http://thehalofoundation.org/.