Pilot Schools

Kean Elementary School

Kean Elementary School, under the excellent leadership of Mrs. Peg Butler embodied our entire purpose.  Education was advanced with the entire school as they captured the real story of selfless courage and teamwork on many levels. And,
the generosity of the children helped build the memorial.  100% of their donation went directly to the building of the Flight 93 National Memorial.

Nobody was famous on Flight 93, but passengers quickly ascertained the crisis on the Flight, made a plan to deal with it, voted on it and then collectively did not allow the terrorist attack to take life in Washington DC.  They also waited until they were over a barren area so that life on the ground would not be threatened.

America’s youth, represented by the student body of Kean, showed we should not fear the future!

Lakeview Intermediate School

Every class of students chose their own designs and those who would work on making their quilt squares express their sentiment, impression and hope.   The most awesome, profound and meaningful quilt resulted!  It is now housed in
Shanksville, awaiting the big auction for the Flight 93 memorial building to be constructed for the tenth anniversary, 9/11/11.

David Beamer, Todd Beamer’s father, was moved to tears as he viewed this work of love at Lakeview where he came and spoke to the entire school on June 4 of this year.  When the students wrote him letters afterward, it left them really feeling like they’d spent time with a true American hero’s father who had suffered an unspeakable tragedy but was left with pride for what his son had done.  The impact of Mr. Beamer’s simple message on a group of fifth and sixth graders was amazing!

All agreed that the message must go out; that learning to “do the right thing” could lead to such leadership and heroism in any and all of them one day as it did for Todd and the others on Flight 93.  Lesson plans are in the works so that the education can continue, and, as the kids said, ”We will never forget what happened on 9/11 with Flight 93 and ordinary folks.

Chardon Middle School

Chardon’s program started with a luncheon with community leaders is held in the school library featuring community leaders-city council, the mayor, school board members, police, fire, and Sheriff’s department personnel as well as the local VFW and Ladies’ Auxiliary. Student ambassadors talked to the guests, assisted with lunch, and answered questions
about what had been done to promote David Beamer’s visit etc.

After lunch, the entire school assembled in the auditorium. Tim Bowens introduced Sharon Deitrick, Founder of 93 cents for Flight 93, who explained what 93centsforflight93 is all about. The principal, Mr. Steve Kofol spoke as well.

Sharon introduced Mr. Beamer who spoke and answered pre-selected student questions.  Local police, fire, and sheriff departments presented items to be taken by the school to the Temporary Memorial the next day.  David presented Principal Kofol with a plaque of appreciation from 93centsforflight93 for all of the school’s fundraising efforts.

A giant check in the amount of $2493.93 was presented to Sharon Deitrick and a red banner was displayed.  Students could sign this for $1.00 and it too was taken to the site.

Later that afternoon, we held a meet and greet reception to honor Mr. David Beamer at a clubhouse on a local golf course.  Guests were community members, military leaders, school personnel, and members of 93centsforflight93.  Dinner was held at Bass Lake Tavern, where Mr. Beamer led us in prayer.  After dinner, a police escort took Mr. Beamer to the St. Mary’s Banquet Hall, where he proceeded to address the community.

The next day, we visited the crash site site, where we presented and left our check which now was closer to $3200.00, our banner, and the various other gifts.  We then filmed a music video with Rachel Roberts and the entire school.