93 cents for Flight 93 is constantly looking for ways to honor our soldiers, veterans and heroes.

Last week we were able to get an amazing group of people together to do just that! We gathered for a dedication of an HD-TV to the Loarin County Valor Home.

The story started off as The HALO Foundation held their annual Gala, in 2013. At the 2013 Wings of Charity Gala, Mr. & Mrs. Beamer, the parents of Flight 93 hero Todd Beamer, won the enormous TV in a raffle drawing. They requested that it would go to a soldier, rather than keeping it for themselves. We thought, how great would it be if instead of going to one solider, it would go to a number of soldiers.

HALO then partnered with NEOPAT, and The Lorain County Valor Home. This was they way we would donate the TV to the new Valor Home, in which 30 soldiers will live while in transition.

Last week we gathered; HALO, Mr. & Mrs. Beamer, NEOPAT, Valor Home staff & veterans, along with Senator LaRose, student leaders, the TV benefactors, and media! What a wonderful group it was.

It was a beautiful day, starting out with an amazing lunch at Sal’s & Al’s Diner and Danny’s Pizza, in Amherst. Then following was the dedication of the TV in the name of Todd Beamer at the Valor Home. We also were able to take a tour of the facility. The Valor home will open shortly to house the veterans.

We are honored to be able to help our heroic soldiers and veterans and to give them some sort of relaxation with this amazing gift!